Apparently, we Rock. I just had a happy customer who left with his computer say “You Guys Rock”. Well, its not a big deal really. The Geeks at BBuy told him that he would need his recovery disk to fix his computer with. He had a bad hard drive, so he bought a new one. Even though he bought some expensive ” GOLDEN SERVICE PLAN” which was still “under warranty”, he would need to provide a recovery disk. Well he did not have one or know where it was. At that point, they just could not help him without charging $299. So, he decided he wanted to upgrade to Windows 7 from the SLOW Windows Vista. That just was impossible for them to install unless they had some magic recovery disks which he did not have. If he was to go upgrade to Windows 7,it would cost $199 for the software, plus labor to install it.

Since he has done business with us many times before, we were able to get him a copy of Windows 7 64 Bit for $159 and just to show him that we could install it without Vista disks, we installed it with no problem and no extra charge. Guess the “Geeks” were wrong. So , if you need a reliable source for sales and service of your computer, laptop,notebook, or netbook, We can help you. You get great advice, from real technicians who actually work on the computers.