If you have been working against a deadline, and your PC suddenly freezes and displays the dreaded blue screen of death, you’ll appreciate the importance of having your computer checked and maintained regularly. For over 24 years we’ve resolved virtually every type of computer problem there is; from cracked screens and broken hard drives to virus infections and system errors. There’s really not a computer problem we haven’t run into before!

Our trained technicians are located right here in St. Louis. That means you don’t have to ship your machine halfway across the globe or drive out of town to fix it. Dimension Computer offers repair services for a wide range of hardware including computers, laptops, and more.

We are Certified Resellers of ACER, DELL, HP, and LENOVO desktops and notebooks. Besides Services, we also are a GREAT resource for Certified Refurbished PC’s and notebooks from the manufacturers.  These products are in Like New condition and many are still selling new in the stores. 

We also custom-build desktops and have a huge variety of used or off-lease computers all READY TO GO, loaded, and optimized with Windows 10. 

Please call us today at 636-527-9660.