What is Superantispyware and why is it asking for a credit card? Well it is SPYWARE. Do NOT buy it with your credit card. Its a scam. If you have an Icon on your desktop that says Super Antispyware and a message that you have several hundred virus, you do have a problem. We can fix it. We see this problem all the time. We can usually fix your computer without reloading Everything from scratch and making you reload all programs and printer software, and backing up all your data. Also, if you see something that says AV8, AV8.exe or Antivirus 8, it is a close variant of this spyware which we can fix. ONe of the Key problems is that when you go to Internet Explorer, it does not open to your homepage or go anywhere. The same is for Firefox, etc. Dont worry, we can fix it.

Another problem we see is that when you click on Internet Explorer or Firefox, a message comes up that says it cannont find Internet Explorer or Firefox, etc. or Page cannot be displayed. THis one fooled me for a while, but there is a fix for it without wiping out and reloading everything. Please call us and we can take care of these problems in record time.