I just had two jobs recently for some local attorneys servers whose hard drives had run out of space and could no longer save any more data to the server. If your server runs out of space, we can either delete, move or back up some data and move it to another drive. Another option for this client was to CLONE his old 40GB hard drive to a massive 500GB drive or bigger. One of the main reasons for this also is that the 40gb drive will eventually DIE and probably not at a good time. If this happens, you will be highly stressed out, and you will be relying on some old tape backups and we will all pray together in harmony in hopes that it will work. This is a good thing to be thinking of. If your drives are over 5 YEARS OLD, THE INEVITABLE WILL HAPPEN. YOUR DRIVES WILL DIE AT SOME POINT. Backup planning is essential. We would be happy to get you a backup system in place or CLONE your current drive to a new BIGGER hard drive.

Jim Humphrey