If you get one of the cool new touchscreen Laptop\Tablets, be careful. They are much more expensive to fix if you break the screen (if the part is even available). I just had a customer bring one in today that he got from Best Buy not even a month ago. There are no parts available for me to purchase so that i can repair this model. He will have to send it back to ASUS and pay about $600 to get this fixed since he broke it. He just paid $1200 to buy this laptop – 2 in 1 tablet. PS. If you are going to pay more than $1000 for a laptop, i would pay the extra money for the Accidental Insurance plan!BUMMER. I had another one from ASUS just yesterday with a broken touchscreen.. This one i did find parts for it and for me to fix, it will cost about $275 with parts and labor. NOTE: The average non-touchscreen costs about $150 including parts and labor. Bottom Line, You cant drop these things. They have GLASS Touchscreens, and they will BREAK much easier than your IPHONE.